Alber Orchard and Cider Mill offers heirloom, locally grown apples.   It is also the perfect location for relaxed, country weddings and special events, field trips and family outings.  Located in Manchester, Michigan, just west of Detroit and Ann Arbor.
kids love visiting the orchard and cider mill, along with pumpkin patch and corn maze, at Alber Orchard, outside Ann Arbor and Detroit in Manchester, Michigan.
Watch the press in operation on Sat & Sun during our season.

The Cider Mill at Alber Orchard

Ancient Cider Mills in England date from the Elizabethan period when horse-drawn grinders would grind apples--seeds, stems and all-- to produce a bitter tasting crush. In the 1700's came machines, which began a period called the Industrial Revolution. The result was the invention of the first hydraulic cider press, in 1877.

After 1877, there was a manufacturer located in Mt.Gilead, Ohio that was so successful it became the cider press manufacturing center of the world. These presses were stamped with the name MOUNT GILEAD.

Alber Orchard and Cider Mill has served the Ann Arbor, Detroit, Manchester, Michigan area for generations.  Locally grown apples, family fun, and even weddings in the orchard!  What a beautiful site!The equipment you see here today at Alber Orchard is an original MOUNT GILEAD cider press. It was installed here in 1890.

This press itself was first powered by a steam engine. A historic photo of our cider mill shows the tall stack from the engine. Gasoline power was then used, until 1927, when it was converted to electricity. In 1964, modern hydraulic power was added.

When the Bossory family purchased the property from the Alber's in 1999, they updated this equipment to meet the strict standards for sanitation and safety which you now see in the mill. You can Alber Orchard, west of Ann Arbor and Detroit in Manchester, Michigan, is a proud member of the Michigan Cider Maker's Guild. watch this mill in operation every Saturday and Sunday during our season.

Alber Orchard and Cider Mill is a proud member of the Michigan Cider Makers Guild. The orchard grows both traditional and heirloom apples which are carefully selected and blended to provide a delicious apple cider you won't forget.